Access control system for school canteen

Access control system for school canteen

We have created access control to the school canteen for students at the 8th Primary School in Gdańsk. Access control is based on Python + Flask platform and RFID cards/tags.

The system can be divided into three parts:

  • Web-based Flask application
  • Hardware RFID card reader (access reader)
  • RFID administrator reader

The server-side application is based on the Flask framework and distributed as a Docker image. Administration is fully possible via a browser. The application also supports the normal user mode, in which users (e.g. parents) can check entries in the canteen only for their child through a browser.

The hardware reader connects via Wi-Fi to the school’s network and application on the server side located in the local network. The device is battery powered and allows the connection of external devices such as locks or other automatic door opening devices. The reader has a built-in light and sound signaling about the access granted or lack thereof as well as about the device settings. The device can be configured using Wi-Fi and a web browser.

The RFID administrator reader is an RFID card/tag reader for quickly creating an account by a system administrator. It is connected to the computer via USB and allows reading RFID data using the application supplied with the device.

System abilities:

  • Multiple RFID readers (access points).
  • Many users with configurable room and room group permissions.
  • Many rooms with user-defined permissions.
  • Many advanced users (e.g. parents) with access rights to check entries for user groups assigned to the account.
  • Register entries (Access logs).

The system is used by the canteen of the 8th Primary School in Gdańsk. Currently, about 500 students use the system.